What to expect BEFORE the session.

In most cases, please arrive with hair, makeup and wardrobe ready to shoot. Bring additional makeup for retouches as well as any hair products, brush & accessories you may need. Here are some recommendations for your shoot.


_healthy snacks & water/juice as reward for posing

_favorite toy

_sweater or sweatshirt

_favorite kids music on your phone

PLEASE NOTE: To make this a special experience for you or your little model, please plan ahead to have additional children/siblings watched by a guardian or baby sitter outside of the session environment. Siblings can become distracting and we want to encourage them to enjoy their experience as much as possible.

Before your session, make sure everything is shoot ready.

*It is recommended to hire a professional hairstylist and makeup artist at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time.


_hair + bring a hairbrush for touchups

_pressed clothing

_nails polished or plain (no chips)

_shined shoes

_well groomed

_teeth cleaned

_please make sure children are well rested and alert.






_shoes (white or black patent)

_jewelry (sparkly, glittery)

_hair accessories (big bows, crowns, tiaras)

_hair spray for fly-aways

_tights (white or nude)

_if renting an princess outfit please be sure to dress your princess in a ballerina leotard or similar so the dress can slip right on.


_ personal props

_ magazine examples

_ Pinterest printouts

_ phone with loaded music

_ pen for signing documents

You may print this session checklist to guidance

Here is a recommended guide filled with Pre-Shoot Information:

Here are some recommendations:

1. MAKEUP & HAIR: Please arrive camera ready. Hair should be well managed to avoid as many stray hairs as possible. Please bring a hairbrush and any styling products needed.

2. BODY HAIR: Feel free to remove unwanted hair at least 24 hours before your session to avoid redness.

3. CLOTHING: Clothing should not be unintentionally ripped, heavily washed/pitted, wrinkled or ill-fitting. It is recommended that clothes are well fitted or tailored with little wear, heavy color fade, pulls or unintentional holes.

4. POSING: Please feel free to practice before the shoot. The best inspiration for posing would be to keep slowly moving, acting natural and be fluid.

5. FACES: Be sure to exaggerate any normal expression. Great inspirational keywords for are: regal, excited, vivid, wondrous.

6. EYES: Get plenty of sleep! If possible, please try not to arrive with bags under your eyes and avoid bloodshot eyes.

7. ESCORTS: If escorts are required, up to 2 escorts may stay during the shoot. If an escort interrupts in any way, all parties will be asked to leave.

8. TIME: Please arrive on time and ready to shoot. There is another shoot after yours, so the session will end according to time allotted.

– If shooting on a backdrop, all backgrounds must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to our shoot. Standard background colors are white, grey or black.

– You may email example web size jpgs or links to images that you would like to replicate at least 1 week prior to our shoot. Please include the word “Photoshoot Examples” along with your name and shoot date in the Subject Line (example: Photoshoot Examples – Tarilyn Smith – 10/13/2023) *Example replications are subject to lighting equipment available.

What to expect DURING the session.

The session is a fun environment. It is encouraged to be as creative as possible. This is the time to shine. Get rallied up and have a great experience! Exaggerate your poses and faces!

When you arrive, you or your princess and/or prince will be guided from start to finish. 

The first thing we will do is review the session details, example images and have signed model release.

After that, we will set the lighting according to height.

Once the lighting is perfect, we begin shooting.

We will wrap about 5 minutes towards the end of your session to briefly review the images.

It is recommended to have a "spotter". The spotter during the session will save you from purchasing additional editing in post production. (Someone who looks for the following):

_Flyway hair

_Food in teeth

_Runny nose

_Makeup imperfections

_Hairbands on wrists

_Wrinkles or blemishes on clothing

_Proper clothing fit

What to expect AFTER the session.

You will be given a link to a private gallery of “sample images” from the session that you will be able to access and view for 14 business days. The gallery images are not full size and will have a watermark on them. You will choose our favorite images to be enhanced according to your package. Once edited, the images will be available for download from your gallery or via a transfer app. Please allow between 2-4 weeks for images to be edited and uploaded according to your session package.

Once the final images are downloaded, the gallery will close out in an additional 14 business days and removed from the site. During this time, you will be able to purchase professional prints directly from the website with hassle free, seamless ordering delivered right to your door.

If you loved your session why not hang your new professional artistic images on your home walls, give them to loved ones or use them in your print portfolio.

Let’s shoot again and tell your friends about it! Every model receives a coupon code to book another session as well as a coupon code for a friend!